gTLD Strategy Services: Top Level Solutions

FairWinds’ Top Level Solutions bring together the best minds and most experienced experts to develop and execute on the most effective strategies for our clients to succeed in the new gTLD space.

We combine our years of industry leadership with the talent and skill of our partners to custom-tailor the best strategy for each individual client.

Our Top Level Solutions are designed to fully integrate our clients’ new gTLD goals with their existing domain name programs and digital strategies, regardless of whether they applied for new gTLDs, to optimize their online presence in the newly expanded domain name space.

Services for New gTLD Applicants

New gTLD Strategic Advisory Services

FairWinds helps clients successfully navigate the various and complex procedures of the new gTLD evaluation process in order to place clients in the best position to extract value from their gTLD investment once they launch their gTLDs.

  • Educates clients on Contention Set procedures and advises clients on the best course of action to resolve contention sets, leveraging FairWinds’ position in the domain industry to ensure an optimal outcome for clients
  • Responds to any Clarifying Questions clients may receive, improving the overall success of clients’ applications
  • Advises clients on the best approach when filing or responding to application Objections, coordinating with clients’ internal or external counsel as needed
  • Develops a strategy for clients to negotiate a Registry Agreement that effectively meets both ICANN’s requirements and clients’ business needs, drawing on experience gained from past gTLD launches
  • Liaises with ICANN to document and report the results of clients’ pre-delegation testing, setting clients up for a successful technical launch of their gTLDs
  • Coordinates across clients’ Legal, Marketing, Communications, and Financial business units, ensuring that clients’ new gTLD initiatives further their existing business goals


New gTLD Business Strategy and Go-To-Market Strategy Services

FairWinds provides clients with the support, expertise, and tools to develop effective new gTLD strategies that can successfully transition clients from gTLD evaluation to the launch of their new gTLD assets.

  • Works closely with clients and relevant internal stakeholders to identify clients’ new gTLD goals, ensuring that those goals fit with and enhance clients’ broader business initiatives
  • Coordinates across clients’ Legal, Marketing, Communications, and Financial business units, overseeing the multiple work streams necessary for clients to achieve their gTLD goals
  • Draws on FairWinds’ expertise, past experiences, research, and extensive network of contacts to craft an optimal business strategy for clients’ new gTLDs
  • Assists clients in identifying and selecting any outside partners that may be necessary to help clients implement their business and go-to-market strategies, including marketing agencies, outside counsel, and technology vendors
  • Monitors the marketplace for emerging technology solutions, vetting all choices and recommending the best options for clients
  • Represents clients in interactions with ICANN, members of the U.S. and foreign governments, and relevant industry regulators, facilitating the smooth implementation of clients’ new gTLD business strategies
  • Develops a go-to-market strategy for rolling clients’ new gTLDs out to the world, driving consumer adoption while integrating this strategy with clients’ existing digital efforts and new gTLD business model


Domain Name Portfolio Optimization Services

An integral part of developing clients’ strategies to bring their new gTLDs to market, FairWinds provides clients with a comprehensive domain name strategy for both their own new gTLDs as well as other new gTLDs that launch.

  • Works with clients and draws on outside research to develop a comprehensive strategy to determine which domain names clients should register in their new gTLDs
  • Evaluates clients’ existing internal domain name registration processes and policies, customizing each clients’ new gTLD domain name strategy to its organizational structure
  • Establishes a priority ranking for each new gTLD based on clients’ brands and business goals, guiding clients to register the best domain names in other relevant new gTLDs
  • Determines a budget for Sunrise periods, defensive second-level registrations, and proactive second-level registrations, allowing clients to protect and promote their brands at a manageable cost
  • Identifies and advises clients on alternative gTLD partnerships, helping clients expand the reach of their new gTLD strategies through partnerships, joint ventures, acquisitions, and other opportunities


Services for Non-Applicants

Domain Name Portfolio Optimization Services

FairWinds delivers to clients a naming and domain registration strategy for new gTLDs designed to maximize their ability to reach Internet users while simultaneously protecting their brands and trademarks in the newly expanded space.

  • Devises second-level naming strategies in new open, generic-term gTLDs, giving clients the opportunity to participate in and extract value from the new space
  • Continually monitors the evolving gTLD space and provides timely updates and advisory services, helping clients continue to enforce and protect their brands as well as capitalize on new and emerging opportunities
  • Determines a budget for Sunrise periods, defensive second-level registrations, and proactive second-level registrations, allowing clients to protect and promote their brands at a manageable cost


ICANN Policy & Advocacy Services

FairWinds acts as clients’ eyes and ears within the ICANN community and policymaking process to provide critical updates that will impact clients’ business and domain name programs.

  • Advocates for trademark protection and other topics that are important to clients, engaging them in the ICANN process to assure that their interests are not overlooked
  • Advises on strategies to become involved in the ICANN process in a meaningful way, giving clients the tools they need to shape the policies that will impact their digital business now and into the future