• FairWinds’ Domain Name Strategy & Advisory Services are designed to improve clients' domain name portfolios and strengthen their overall domain name programs, all with the ultimate goal of maximizing the return on investment of clients’ domain name holdings.

  • FairWinds’ Top Level Solutions bring together the best minds and most experienced experts to develop and execute on the most effective strategies for our clients to succeed in the new gTLD space. We fully integrate our clients’ new gTLD goals with their existing domain name programs and digital strategies, regardless of whether they applied for new gTLDs, to optimize their online presence in the newly expanded domain name space.

  • Be prepared when the second application period for .BRANDs and other gTLDs begins. Should your company apply for a new gTLD in the second application period? With the S.M.A.R.T. gTLD Service, you can find out what whether owning and operating a new gTLD makes sense for your company.

  • FairWinds' experienced team of digital experts and seasoned attorneys has worked to develop best-in-class Domain Name & Username Recovery Services that use a variety of tactics to maximize the chance of successfully recovering valuable assets on behalf of our clients.

  • Our online brand protection service combines human expertise with the advanced technology of BrandShield® to turn data into actionable items. Don't let "data overload" ruin your brand protection efforts. Get data-driven, strategic, and actionable recommendations delivered to your inbox.

  • FairWinds' Domain Name Program Administration Services combine domain program management with expert advice and program oversight, providing strategic guidance, recommendations and decision-making support on how best to navigate the domain space.

  • FairWinds’ Social Media Strategy & Portfolio Services provide clients with advice for optimizing their brand presence across various social media platforms by owning the best usernames.

  • FairWinds Partners can help you register your marks with the Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH) - one of the controls the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) has instituted to help ensure the integrity of brands, trademarks, copyrights, and intellectual property.

  • From "parked" domain names to "PPC", learn more about the key terms and recommendation categories included in the FairWinds Advisory Brief here.