Stitt, Sam

Associate, DigitalDNA
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Sam works with FairWinds clients to buy and sell digital property in order to improve their online branding efforts. In this capacity, he is primarily responsible for identifying ideal opportunities for both buyers and sellers. He accomplishes this by conducting in-depth research and analysis on key brands, businesses, and industries, in order to make decisions that will ensure optimum deals for clients.

He is both meticulous and creative and approaches each business opportunity with an open mind. He brings a unique personality to each interaction that he has with clients, while providing them with sound advice. Sam’s consistent growth of knowledge in the field of the acquisition and divestiture of key digital assets, such as domain names, has proven to be a valuable asset to his team.

Having grown up in the DC area, Sam adds a unique outlook to an already versatile team. Sam was also a participant in the 2008 Beijing Olympics for rowing, which has contributed to his strong work ethic and his constant pursuit of success for his clients.