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Whether it be the words that identify your place on the Internet, your domain name, or the numbers that identify your Internet address, we are here to ensure that your home on the Internet will be found, understood, and protected.

Domain names have been a central and necessary part of operating an efficient and useful Internet. FairWinds Partners has been part of that history for over 20 years and that experience informs our expert advice and delivery.

We are FairWinds.

Whether you are preparing for a product launch, fighting intellectual property infringement online, or managing your digital assets as part of normal operations, we are here to support you.

We act as your internal resource to establish an efficient Domain Name Program that aligns to your strategic goals. We manage domain name operations and strategic initiatives on your behalf to ease your operational burden.

Our experts use quantitative and qualitative data analysis, proprietary accelerators, and industry-leading best practices to arm you with the necessary information to make informed decisions for immediate action. Our goal is to optimize and protect your brand(s) on the Internet.

Quotes From Our Team

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Amazon lost e-commerce market share to Walmart and Target during the pandemic, while Amazon’s total share of e-commerce declined from a little over 42 percent to 38 percent last year. More retailers were getting in on the e-commerce opportunity, but with it came more nefarious online activity.

Josh, Founder and self-proclaimed domain name nerd

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Coordination between domain name administrators, senior executives, and internal security experts is more important than ever. Demand for seasoned administrators has dramatically increased over the past two years.

Wendy, 5 Star Domain Name Portfolio Manager with 23 years of industry experience

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Brand name recognition is important in business, but when it comes to domain name acquisitions and sales, anonymity is best.

Cameron, Zen master advisor for selling and buying domain names and IPv4 addresses

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The share of e-commerce as a percentage of total global retail trade increased from 14% to 17% percent during the pandemic. With that increase, there was a significant increase in fraud.

Tom, Domain name expert and lifelong consultant

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GDPR has made identification of domain name ownership more difficult limiting brand owners’ abilities to fight intellectual property infringement. In response, ICANN is developing a portal to provide registrant information while maintaining privacy.

Alex, Domain Name Guru who follows ICANN

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