Jennifer Goldberg

Senior Associate
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Jennifer specializes in creating new gTLD Business Strategies and adapting companies’ domain name activities to their changing business needs. Jennifer brings a wealth of consulting experience to her role at FairWinds, having served as a Senior Analyst at Accenture prior to joining the FairWinds team. Prior to Accenture, Jennifer earned a B.S. in Marketing and International Business at the University of Maryland.


  • Jennifer has educated executives, as well as global marketers and legal counsel, at Fortune 500 companies about the role than new gTLDs play in a company’s digital presence.
  • Jennifer not only develops strategies for new gTLDs, she also managed the transition of a major pharmaceutical company’s new gTLD application to its partner company.
  • Jennifer has analyzed portfolios of over 3,000 domain names to advise clients on how to integrate their existing domain holdings into their new gTLD and digital initiatives.

When she’s not working, Jennifer is a total foodie, seeking out new restaurants and cuisines. She has yet to find a genre of food that she does not like. Jennifer also enjoys exploring new places and has recently taken up hiking.  


  • In addition to tearing up the trails, Jennifer also knows a thing or two about tearing up the ice. After taking ice skating lessons for 12 years, Jennifer can do all kinds of jumps and spins while on skates.
  • Jennifer is a big fan of felines (but not in a crazy cat lady way – we can attest to that). Her family owns four pet cats.
  • A woman of many tastes, Jennifer enjoys an eclectic range of music, from alternative indie jams to bumping house and techno beats. She sticks with brain-stimulating classical music while she’s at work.